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"Ichi-go Ichi-e" is the spirit of the Japanese tea ceremony, means "Once in a lifetime", suggests both host and guest cherish the moment together like never again, hence, they take every single detail seriously. The host stirs gently with a bamboo whisk and serves with a deep bow tatami; the guest sniffs at the green reflection and seals with the bittersweet aftertaste. You'll never miss a taste of Japanese culture.




Vibrant neons sketch Shinsaibashi. All you may know is this place crowds with trendy boutiques, signature restaurants, and various specialty shops. But you don't know this core commercial area has been busy since mid 17th century! The last part of the name "bashi" means "bridge", implies "small bridges around the Nagahori-Gawa canal". Let's run through them with the legendary Mr. Glico and have late night ramen nearby. Sounds like a plan!




Sweet as Dorayaki across Japan, this red-bean yummy bun tells more than a dessert. The word "Dora" means "gong" resembling the shape. Legend has it that was a fugitive samurai left his gong at a farmer’s house. The farmer then created such iconic pancakes with this gong. Well... legend sounds flat as we all learned Dorayaki is Doraemon's favorite snack!




If fresh sushi surprises you no more, try the sushi-on-the-go. Layer different pickled toppings on vinegared sushi rice in the "Oshibako" wooden mold, then compress them by weight to form a tightly pack sushi stack and wrap in bamboo leaves. Such ancient wisdom of extending preservation remains popular for travelers nowadays. So grab a cultural bite across train stations next ride!



A middle-east business hub embodies architectures, luxuries and visions.

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