A decent gentleman unravels myth, democracy and majesty.



As if an olive path leads to the golden time, Westminster Bridge and the Big Ben signify London artistically, historically and politically. Tourist checks in the palace and abbey, whereas traveler discovers Westminster actually means more than a sightseeing area. Like Washington in the US, Westminster is the metonym for the parliamentary government of the United Kingdom, refers those applying the same democratic belief.




Foggy, hazy, rainy, where Adele wrote "Hometown Glory”. If you do believe London is moist, climate data may surprise you that this city actually has rained lesser than New York, Tokyo and Sydney over decades. Thanks to the Atlantic weather system, the atmospheric jet stream constantly moisturizes the western landscapes but most of the rain is deposited long before it reaches the eastern side. Mystery unraveled: UK is wet, except London.




Majestic, a word invented by William Shakespeare, perfectly depicted the Royal Opera House. Ballet, orchestra and opera, ROH has been serving royal performing arts at the heart of London for centuries since the 1700s. Gracefully embraced by golden beams, this grand auditorium Is open to everyone with no attitude on dress code. You are welcome to express your decency, from tuxedo and gown to T-shirt and jeans, or the mask of Phantom.



An easygoing mate chills with heritage, sunshine, wildness and coffee.

VIA is more than a pair of sunglasses, it is a symbol of companionship and blessing - to accompany people through their sadness and to explore, encourage them to see the world and pass the happiness to everyone and every corner. >> MORE ...

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